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Education & Events


We provide quality education to our students. We teach Quran with tajweed rules, Islamic study classes covering Fiqh, Aqaid, History, Seerah topics. We also have hifz classes for those students who want to memorise the Holy Quran, We also have weekly Urdu language classes. Urdu language classes which can lead to a GCSE in Urdu language.

  • Islamic Information
  • Topics such as Aqaid
  • Islamic History
  • Islamic stories


  • 3 youth events in a month
  • 4 Major events in a year
  • Al Isra wal Miraaj – Beautiful event regarding the miraculous journey of Holy Prophet peace be upon him
  • Karbala – Conference on the islamic history of karbala and the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Alaisalaam
  • Mawlid – A beautiful event regarding the seerah of holy Prophet peace be upon him
  • Sab e Baraat – Event which we hold on the 27th of Ramadhan in order learn about the beautiful nights of Ramadhan
  • Weekly sisters circle in english and urdu

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